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The use of image output from real-time engines to a live LED wall in combination with camera tracking to produce final-pixel imagery, completely in camera, represents the state of the art for virtual production. Real time rendering enables immediate feedback that helps teams test ideas and make decisions in the moment. What you see is what you get. It’s the future we have always wanted, and now, it’s here.

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We are a rapidly growing network of virtual production studios, providing corporate clients, ad agencies and film producers unlimited creative capabilities.

Our studios can be whatever you imagine them to be. From shooting Emmy award-winning commercials, corporate livestreams and events, to long format film and episodics, we are the leader in all things virtual production. Let Vū elevate your next production.

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Virtual production is the future of content creation.

It enables producers to pursue creative experimentation while controlling the time and cost of production. At its core virtual production leverages game engine technology to start the VFX process earlier, solving the age-old problem of traditional production to “fix it in post” which so often creates delays in post-production, costly reshoots, and low ROI.

Work in a studio where you can bring any environment – real or fictional – to life. Whether you’re floating through the vastness of outer space, scaling the peaks of Mt Everest, or exploring the Amazon rainforest, whatever environment your production calls for is achievable with Vū’s Virtual production technology. 


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Our studios are conveniently located across the country with proximity to major highways and airports giving content creators the ability to shoot efficiently in multiple cities.


Our LED volumes give you the ability to shoot anywhere, including in worlds that do not exist or places that are impossible to shoot. Your creative freedom is unlimited.


Our studios give you total control over the environments, and lighting, which makes delays due to inclement weather a thing of the past when shooting outdoor scenes.


With Virtual Production the time spent on a project is reduced by as much as 50%. With real-time VFX rendering in-camera, there’s less to do in post.


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We’ve teamed up with industry-leading technology partners to make Vū the most advanced virtual studio network™ in the world.


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