Vū By The Numbers

Welcome to Vū. Not just a production studio, but a state-of-the-art virtual production powerhouse where we invite you to redefine reality and elevate your brand’s perspective. If you’ve been following along, you know what we’ve been up to. But, do you know what it takes to bring one of the largest LED volumes in the world to life? Keep reading to learn about Vū by the numbers.

10,000 Square Feet of Technologically Advanced Studio

Vū is home to one of the largest LED volumes in the world and houses advanced production technology including motion control robotics and advanced motion capture. Vū is an expansive 10,000 square foot space featuring a client lounge, green room, and bay door. There’s plenty of room for parking on-site and a bold, inspired interior.

2,000 Square Ft of Curved LED Wall

An enormous 100ft by 20ft curved LED volume is used for creating virtual environments large enough to capture panoramas and wide shots. Environments are created using Unreal Engine and can be controlled in real time during a shoot. Everyone on set is able to see the final vision during shooting, giving greater authenticity to the finished product.

1,600 Square Foot Ceiling Assembled from 300 Custom Translucent Panels

Vū translucent LED ceiling panels feature a newly engineered pixel suspension system that allows light and theatrical effects to pass directly through the back of the panels without affecting the image quality of the video. In partnership with Mo-Sys, we also created the first-ever in-panel tracking solution for LED volumes.

16.4 Million Pixels Total

Vū LED panels are optimized for virtual production with almost 17 million pixels working in unison to deliver the highest resolution and image quality.

1 Bolt Cinebot

A Bolt motion-controlled robot captures sophisticated camera moves at higher speeds and with more precision than a camera operator, allowing for automated image capture that can showcase brands in products like never before.

1 Bay Door Large Enough to Fit a Semi-Truck

For large productions, logistics can be a nightmare. The Vū studio features enough parking for over 400 people, plus a bay door large enough for a small semi-truck.

6 Industry-leading Technology Partners

Vū features some of the most advanced virtual production technology in the world. In order to achieve cutting-edge productions, we teamed up with other industry experts including MRMC, Unreal Engine, Mo-Sys, Aputure, Sony, and NVIDIA.

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