Breaking Down 6 Vū Technology Partners & What They Do

It’s difficult to articulate just how much power and technology is behind a virtual production house like Vū. As a fairly new form of production, it’s only been made possible recently with the culmination of multiple advanced technologies. So, today we’re taking a closer look at our industry-leading technology partners, and how they make virtual production possible at Vū.

Unreal Engine: The creation of virtual environments for extended reality filming would not be possible without Unreal Engine. In case you aren’t familiar with Unreal Engine, it’s the technology used to design popular video games such as Fortnite and Mortal Kombat. Essentially, Unreal Engine is the software that allows us to customize unique virtual environments to be projected onto the volume for a virtual shoot. It’s also responsible for translating the incoming visual data to a real-time render during a shoot.

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